A Wedding + My Heart

Today wedding photography isn’t what it use to be … at least when I take pictures.

A wedding photographer use to take the “safe photos,” the “posed photos,” without much creativity in between. I like to take the unsafe photos, the pictures of moments that you can feel. Don’t get me wrong I will take the formals with family members, its necessary, but throughout the day I want to capture the raw love & ┬áthe once in a lifetime feel of that moment.

Rikki 2 929x1392 A Wedding + My Heart

I want you to see movement + emotion of the day

I don’t want to give you corny everyone does these photos

I embrace unique light streaming in, wispy hair in the camera, & real reactions

I want the couple to be able to look at their photos & feel the day long after its gone

If that’s what you want from your wedding day photos, then I’m your girl & your are mine

Love, Ivy XO

July 1, 2015 - 9:54 pm

Alyssa - Can we be friends? lol. I, too, wrote about emotion and movement. I still struggle with it a lot, but it is me getting in my own way. I feel you, girl!

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