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Hi! I’m Colleen Ivy & I am a free spirited artist & photographer who wants to help spread love and self confidence around everywhere! I want to believe in all things good magical- and -full of unique beauty. I think love is rare and when it is found it should be told to the world in the most beautiful & unique way. I love to capture people in love, women feeling beautiful, and people during their happiest moments of their lives. I strive to help promote and celebrate love and confidence within each person.

Freedom is a big part of my business. Freedom for you… shown through my style of shooting, posing techniques and traveling as far as needed. If you need a photographer that offers a make sense package that isn’t too expensive and personalized to fit your needs, then contact me here.  

I am an Indianapolis and Jackson, Mississippi based Wedding photographer. I love destination weddings & traveling, so I would have no problem traveling across the world to shoot a wedding as your destination wedding photographer. I am open to any location and any unique ideas. I want you to feel comfortable with me as your professional photographer, so whatever you need from me let me know!

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I’m a twin — Fall is one of the best parts of life — I have a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design

      America should have tea time