Being the Bachelorette

i2 Being the Bachelorette I watched the finale of the Bachelor last night with Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell. I don’t get into many shows & I always thought The Bachelor & Bachelorette was dumb & made a mockery of love. But the last few seasons I have been hooked.

This season I loved Jo Jo & could feel her sadness. I can relate to her.

I just recently got married & I am married to the most amazing man. I appreciate him & his kind heart so much, especially since I have experienced unkind hearts trying to find him & I still can feel & remember my heartbreak from being in the dating world.

I was basically the last one to get married out of all my friends. I was strung along by  guys, not worth a second date to some & just treated like scum by one. I remember everyone telling me you just haven’t found the right one yet. That just didn’t help at the time. I obviously knew I hadn’t met a man that was worth my time.

I remember visiting my home town & being so heartbroken over a mean boy that I just laid on the couch and cried for days. My family started to get really annoyed with me. As outsiders people won’t necessarily understand your heartache. They aren’t involved or wrapped up in the emotions of losing. As outsiders they think you are slightly pathetic for being sad over a guy that was a complete jerk to you. I was an outsider for the longest time, always not understanding how girls could be heartbroken & struggle with letting go of a less than worthy guy in their life. Until I was heartbroken over a jerk.

As the brokenhearted girl you know he is not worth your tears. You know he is just not a very nice person. You know what everyone is saying to you probably more than they do. But the heartbroken girl is wrapped up in the emotions & the brokenhearted girl is the one with the damaged heart.

Through my experience the only ways of getting over someone that you desperately wish you could forget is focusing on yourself & focusing on moving ahead. Take baby steps toward your freedom.

Pamper Yourself

Love yourself

Block his number & Social Media

Go on Dates, even if that is the last thing you feel like doing

Listen to Taylor Swift music & what she has to say

Get focused on your goals & what you want out of life … (he is wasting so much of your time & slowing down you goals that you are going to want to kick yourself & him one day)

Do a shoot with me (hot profile pics to make him see what he lost always helps & reminds yourself of how much you have to offer)

Here are some links to help you through girl





Jo Jo is going to be the next Bachelorette & you can be her too.

There will be a day where you will have a hard time remembering his full name, but you have to help yourself get there.


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