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Boudoir NL 1 FAQ

“What is a Boudoir shoot?”

Boudoir photography involves creating intimate and romantic images of a woman, most commonly wearing lingerie. It is a new trend for brides and is a unique gift idea for future husband, anniversaries, holidays, to add some romance & spice, or just to do one for yourself. It is a confidence booster making any size or shaped woman feel beautiful.

“I am pretty shy & have never done a photoshoot like this, how will I be comfortable enough to pose right?”

Most women I have done a boudoir shoot for have never done a shoot like it before either. My style is classic, beautiful, and romantic. You can stay as clothed as you are comfortable with. All boudoir sessions are photographed by myself the photographer Colleen Ivy exclusively and no one else will be present in the shooting area. Most people are worried about posing, but I will completely direct you… no modeling skills required. Some women bring a friend along to help with the nerves if that would make you feel more comfortable.

“How private would my pictures be?”

I never show your pictures in any way they stay completely private only for you to see unless given signed permission.

“Do you edit or retouch?”

I edit as much as wanted and needed. I don’t change a shape of a woman but retouch enough to add a more clean & confidence boosting photo. My job as a photographer is to emphasize the positive and minimize the areas you are self conscience about.

“How many outfits should I bring?”

Bring as many as you like! We can go through and decide which one would be better for what pose or backdrop. Half the fun is getting to play dress up and feeling like a Victoria’s Secret model for the day. Bring outfits that you like and make you feel good and confident. Don’t forget some high-heel shoes! Bringing something from your significant other like a jersey or shirt is always a good idea. Feel free to let me know any specific ideas you have for your photoshoot.

Where do you do the shoots?” I do boudoir shoots in the clients homes, in my studio area, or a classy hotel room. Wherever the client prefers or is the most comfortable.

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