How do I Capture your Day?

JRJ 31083 How do I Capture your Day?
Its the day you have been waiting your whole life for.

I want to make sure I capture it for you to remember & to be remembered in the most beautiful way possible.

To make sure that happens, I’ll quickly walk you through some steps you can take to help & answer some of the common questions I get along the way.

I want to give you a clear idea of what its like working with me…


I Travel everywhere for weddings & have very low travel fees if any at all

I have a very photo journalistic style & want to give you beautiful pieces of your day, not generic stills.

My collections & options are diverse & can be easily customized

I shoot different// I  embrace wind in the hair & raw moments


Let me know some of the details girl

Letting me know as much info about your day will help me shoot crazy good for you.

Some info to think of telling me

Dress Designer / Locations / Important Family + Wedding Party Names (I will give you a short sheet to fill out)

Ceder Grove Wedding 61 How do I Capture your Day?



When planning the location to get your pretty self all done up, think of a well lit beautiful area that matches the vibes of your wedding.

It doesn’t have to be perfect by no means, but the more light the better the pics & the better your makeup.

Let me know if you want Groom Prep photos & we can figure out the best time to capture those.


Are you going to do a First Look? A First Look is when the Bride + Groom see each other before the ceremony.  It is always a beautiful cry worthy moment. It sometimes helps to speed up pictures after the ceremony. If you want to go straight to your reception, I recommend a first look.

If you prefer to stay traditional & not see each other before the ceremony I love that also. I can work with whatever you decide. Its your day you design it how you want it.


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INTIMATES (my fancy word for Bride + Groom Portraits)

These might be the most important pics of the day. They are important, but usually rushed. I ask of you to set aside time enough for your first moments of being Mr. & Mrs. to be captured in a beautiful way. These are also where separate Bridals & Groom portraits will happen.

These are the pictures you are going to treasure trust me, so make time for them.

If you didn’t choose a First Look then we would do these right after the Ceremony & Family Formals.


His face your walk

I always try to be as quiet and discreet as possible while trying to get the best shots.

I usually work with a second shooter for the ceremony.

Let me know if there are any restrictions to my shooting during the ceremony.


We will most likely shoot these right after the ceremony. Prepare family, friends & wedding party to stick around for a few minutes to get these.

Also, it can be kind of a crazy time so directing someone to help locate & call out certain family members is always an awesome idea to make this time go more smoothly.

I tell my couples that you don’t need a lot of different formations. Just think of the ones that are important to you & we will get those.

For the rest we can do a big group shot. This is a huge time saver.

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Party on & I’ll shoot on

I will have a quick break during meal time (no one likes to get their picture taken while eating.

Make sure I have made it to the venue before you start anything important like first dance etc

Offering me a meal is never a bad idea


I say around 6 weeks to receive them. It could be less based on how busy I am. No more than 6 weeks.

I lightly edit & pick the best ones to represent your day in the most beautiful way.

You will receive an Online Gallery to share with family & friends & to download.

I will also shoot Polaroids & film during the day which you will also receive through a mailed package.

Love, Ivy xx