Newlyweds // Our First Valentines

Valentines 1 Newlyweds // Our First ValentinesWe were married less than 2 months ago, New Years Day 2016.

So far married life has been great!

I feel like after being a bride & going through what all future brides will have to go through in a similar way, has helped me step up my business game. My eyes were opened to a lot of new ways to make my future brides day even better.

back to my real focus haha

We have been together almost three years in April & we had ever spent a Valentin’es Together. I always seemed to be traveling around that day.

So this year’s Valentines 2016 was Our first together never as a couple , my first one with a boy (I never had a bf for the day in my past, or a guy in my life that cared enough to buy me chocolate or a fuzzy bear) & our first as a MARRIED COUPLE!!

Ty woke me with coffee & hot chocolate and set down a comforter with pillows on the floor. Me & our family puppy Peebs, sat down and looked wide eyed at the dozen roses & 3 bottles of wine. Yes folks, Ty bought me not one but 3 lovely bottles of wine. Wine from France, Italy & California. He knows the way to my heart. I love a glass of wine almost every other night as I watch the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy or the Bachelor, & or a little Netflix to unwind from trying to build my business.

We spent most of the morning cuddling then went to one of our fave places, Rama Casino & Hotel. We had a nice dinner by a cozy fire. Finally I had a boy to spend Valentines with, but looking around we were probably one of the only couples at the restaurant haha isn’t it ironic (humming Alanis Morrisette in my head)

Valentines 3 Newlyweds // Our First Valentines

I was always scared to go out without a date on Valentine’s cause I felt like that’s all I would see. Forget this thinking single girls, live it up & go treat yourself on Valentines, most likely you won’t see couples & if you do you won’t be the only single person celebrating the day.

We ended the day playing a late night of Bingo in Newmarket Ontario. Yes we ended our exciting day with a round of Bingo people. Go big or go home haha

Love, Ivy xo


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