Love, Ivy Engagement Shoot Info


Q. What do I need to bring to the shoot? Is there anything else I need to know? I'm nervous in front of the camera aaahh!Bring no more than 3 outfit changes. You do not have to bring an outfit change if you prefer not to.Engagement ring!Anything that is special to your relationship.TRUST  in me as your photographer &  an appreciation for my eye & art. I don't mind if future clients sending me examples of photos they like, but overall my couples should trust me to get them unique beautiful photos without expecting to copy another photographers work. Only hire me if you have the trust in me as your unique photographer & a love for my work.FREEDOMI am all about freedom. Set your love free for the shoot. Don't worry about people  around you or looking silly in front of the camera. You got this & I will help you & guide you . I do not give too many specific instructions. I am not the type of photographer who likes to pose pose & more posing. I prefer action & movement in photos, they look the most natural. I would more likely give you something to do or tell you to flirt & hang out. So feel the free & enjoy your  shoot with muah.Now I hope you are feeling some happiness & love the day of your shoot. A lot of future Grooms might not be as excited about an engagement shoot, but we need some happiness + appreciation for the whole point of the shoot // to document your unique love & the beginning of something amazing & your story.xx Colleen