What is A Boudoir Photoshoot Like?

Boudoir Baby  Its a time like nothing else in your life. When will you be able to

dress up do your  hair & makeup, wear the cutest hottest lingerie & work it for the camera.

That doesn't happen very many times in life.

Most of the girls I shoot with have no idea what a Boudoir shoot will be like which they shouldn't.Part of my job is to prep my girls to know what is coming...



I will tell you to bring Champagne & a friend  or two if you want. Champagne helps you to relax & feel more fancy. Your friend is there for moral support, opinions on outfit choices & to share the experience with (lots of laughing usually takes place ). I want the shoot & the space your in to feel like yours. This shoot is all about you & making you feel confident, sexy & as beautiful as you are.


We meet up the day of the shoot at whatever location you choose : Hotel Room, Studio Space or Home. We will chat a bit & go over how the shoot will flow. If getting hair & makeup done we will then discuss the look you are going for & my makeup artist/hairstylist will work her magic. We will also start the music so feel free to bring your own music or have an opinion when it comes to your tunes. This is also the spot where the champagne bottle is opened ;)


After you are looking like a hott mamma, we will lay out what you brought & get a taste of the lingerie choices we have. We will discuss which lingerie we will use & what order. I usually start with the most least skimpy piece as to give the chance for you to warm up & calm nerves.


After changing, we will begin shooting, I keep it classy & sassy! No distasteful poses or too much nakedness will happen. I want the pictures to be something you will be proud of & be about your beauty not about being only a sexy vixen. I guide my girls all the way through the shoot with a natural laid back approach. I like to give my girls actions more than poses so it feels more natural to you. Its all about movement & working it! We will shout in each outfit around the same amount of time usually.


We will talk album choices & dates the pics will be done by & I will answer any questions you have. If you need all of this to be a secret it will be, cross my heart. Love, Ivy XO