Top 3 Things to Look for When Finding Your Wedding Photographer // Toronto Ontario Wedding Photographer //


Girl, wedding planning is stressful! As someone who is trying to plan a wedding myself I know how overwhelming it can be. My philosophy on wedding day creation is to FOLLOW YOUR HEART + REMEMBER ITS YOUR DAY!Pictures are to me one of the most important aspects of the day. When the cake is eaten, when the dress is packed away + when all your memories of the day start to fade... you will still have the photos of your day.Here I listed my top 5 things to look for when choosing a wedding photographer...The style of the photos & the composition of the work on their website will give you a good idea of the feel your photos will have. If you want more traditional photos make sure that is the style of the photographer. If you want in the moment artsy captures be sure to pick the right photog for the job.I shoot with a more relaxed romantic & in the moment feel, so I hope my clients see + love my style & understand those are the type of photos they will get of their love story.Do you want a photographer there all day? Do you not want to spend an arm & a leg & only get a few pics. Do you want a wedding album included? These are questions to ask yourself when it comes to your wedding photography.When creating my packages put myself in the eyes of my future brides. I asked what would I want out of a wedding package? I took my answer to that & created make sense no stress options for my future love birds.I have heard HORROR STORIES of wedding photographers being ridiculous & unprofessional. I have heard a lot of stories of mean & disrespectful photographers. A bride once told me that her photographer ate burger king + got drunk & made out with a groomsmen on her day! WHAT!So that goes to show that personality & heart of the artist is very important. Most of the time the photographer will be with you throughout the whole day, so make sure its someone you want around you on one of the most important days of your life. It is usually a good idea to follow the photographer on social media & possibly Skype or meet up for coffee.Overall go with your gut + enjoy the process..Love, Ivy XOXO